Terms of Use

This Acceptable Use Policy applies to anyone who uses our SaaS and is a condition of a Local Government’s Contract with us. Failure to to adhere to this policy may result in suspension or termination of your account. 

If you have accepted our SaaS Agreement on behalf of your organization, then this Acceptable Use Policy will apply to all users of the SaaS in or on behalf of your organization. 

Our SaaS must not be used to: 

  • abuse, menace, harass, intimidate or stalk anyone; 

  • break the law or allow another person to break the law; 

  • damage property including intellectual property; 

  • injure anyone; 

  • mislead or deceive anyone including the creation of ‘spoof’ websites; 

  • facilitate the commission of a tort, or breach of contract; 

  • allow for the misuse of anyone’s confidential information; 

  • misuse or allow for the misuse of anyone’s personal information, sensitive information or health information; 

  • facilitate or engage in any act or omission which is in contravention of the Spam Laws; 

  • deceive, access or manipulate (or allow anyone else to) our billing systems or any part of our network; 

  • interfere with someone else’s computer without their permission; 

  • allow a minor to view or access material which is inappropriate (or not classified for minors) for minors including pornography; 

  • send or distribute any virus, worm, trojan or other malicious code; 

  • send alter or create an electronic message (including spoofing) to conceal the true identity of the person from whom it originates; 

  • interfere with the proper operation of a website, newsgroup, forum or chatroom; 

  • use a remote system (such as a mail server or proxy server), without the authorisation of the owner of it, for the transmission of data; 

  • operate a service such as a mail server or proxy server, without proper controls to prevent the use of the service by unauthorised third parties for the transmission of data; 

  • control or contribute to a Denial of Service attack; 

  • send, display or publish material which: 

  • publish content which is obscene or offensive; 

  • publish content which is defamatory or potentially defamatory; 

  • contravene anyone’s intellectual property rights; 

publish content which is likely to incite sexual, religious or racial hatred, violence, discrimination or vilification. The prohibited uses listed above are in addition to and not instead of those contained in your OpenCities SaaS agreement.