Put residents first

People don't browse government websites like they would a news site or online store. Data shows that they come, most often, to complete a task or find a specific piece of information. Our user-centered website designs are continuously tested and upgraded to empower you to put those people first.

By prioritizing the most popular requests and tasks on your homepage, residents can quickly find the services they need most.

Our predictive search engine connects people to services they need and delivers easy-to-understand, actionable content on any device at any time.

Display beautiful interactive maps giving your residents information on local events, parks, facilities, trash collection dates and even elected officials in their area.

That's just the beginning...can you imagine the things your city or county could do with 40+ standard website capabilities tested and designed to help you serve better?

Forget the custom web development

A consistently up-to-date and easy-to-use website helps inform, engage and serve your community at a fraction of the cost of doing so in-person or over the phone. To be effective and current, it must be easy to update and maintain by you, not developers.

OpenCities was designed for government users, ensuring everything from publishing content and forms, to updating website layout and design elements can be done without any coding skills. Quarterly upgrades and ongoing support will set your team up for success with a website that will last.

We look forward to partnering with you and empowering you to serve better.

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