City of Grand Rapids

How does the City of Grand Rapids let 180,000 people complete transactions at any time, on any device while cutting calls and improving customer service?

With a website that works.

The challenge

Like many Cities and Counties, Grand Rapids had an outdated website. Too many web pages, not enough consistency in the presentation of information. Users found it difficult to navigate, and staff had trouble keeping it up to date. Most services (start water service, set up refuse and recycling, get the permit for a community block party) required printing out a form and mailing or faxing it back to the City.

Our solution

Partnering with OpenCities, it took Grand Rapids just five months to create a beautiful digital services website that provides a majority of the most requested transactions.

For example, the "start water and refuse service" represents 40% of all current 311 interactions. OpenCities transitioned these contacts from calls to almost 1000 new online submissions.



Online Services

Over 257 services are now available online for visitors to the Grand Rapids website to complete their city business.


Payments made online

Grand Rapids is converting 50% of the 80,000 walk-up payments to now use the online form in the new Grand Rapids site.


Reductions in walk-ins

In just 11 weeks, the total number of walk-ins to the customer service desk to start a water service reduced by 79%.

OpenCities has been nothing less than transformational for the City of Grand Rapids. With OpenCities we didn't just redesign the website, we redesigned the way our city does business.

Becky Jo Glover
Becky Jo Glover
Director of Customer Service and Digital Services

We are building the website for our community — a digital City Hall that serves those who live, work and play here on their terms, on any device, on any browser, at any time. If the website does not work for our community, it simply does not work.

Mayor Rosaylnn Bliss
Rosalynn Bliss
Mayor, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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