All the templates and tools staff need to easily produce beautiful, readable and accessible web content every time.

We understand that the business of a local government is complex, and explaining it to customers even more so. OpenCities helps you keep it simple with structured templates that help subject matter experts create easier to understand, more actionable content.

Using a drag & drop interface, OpenCities makes it easy for anyone in your organisation to convert your PDFs and forms into interactive online versions that can be completed anytime, across any device.

Manage all your website assets in one place. OpenCities provides file and document libraries that help you visually organise, manage and re-use thousands of digital assets across all your sites.

OpenCities reduces the effort and complexity of multi-channel communication by allowing your publishing team to create content once, and easily share it across all your sites and channels.

OpenCities helps you engage your community through online consultations, discussion spaces, initiative directories, polls & surveys and more. A range of engagement options mean you can scale your community consultation up or down depending on project and outcome.

From new activities in the parks & recreation directory, through to places to hold meetings and events in the Halls & venues directory, OpenCities offers a range of interactive, place based directories that make it easy for people to browse or search for interests or places based on their specific interests or location.

Feedback and collaboration make for better content. Share your content prior to publishing with colleagues both and out of the government. Get approvals from management, and easily share files and documents.

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