Get digital right with a platform for built with Cities, for Cities.

OpenCities is a platform your City will never outgrow. Why? Because unlike custom built solutions that require continual, expensive development effort to keep current, OpenCities continually evolves to ensure you always provide a cutting edge digital experience.

Every new website looks beautiful when it is launched. OpenCities goes further by giving customers the flexibility to change or enhance the design of the site at any time, without the need to pay anyone for a redesign. Stay current and refresh often, all for the same price.

From ensuring compliance of all templates and functions, through to automated checks for common content errors made by web publishers, OpenCities is the only citizen service portal to validate our entire solution against official WCAG 2.0 AA compliance.

For your website to be effective and up-to-date, it must be easy to maintain by non-technical department staff. OpenCities provides the simplicity non-technical people need to confidently get involved in digital publishing.

Whether it’s an annual art show or the local library, sometimes local government needs a secondary site. Or a third. OpenCities has an easy to use Sub-Site builder that allows you to create beautiful, mobile friendly websites without any programming skills.

OpenCities offers an open and flexible interface that can integrate with other systems and data sources, such as a CRM or Document Management Systems.

Prioritize the information and services that matter most to your community. Real-time Insights gives governments a view into how people are using the website right now, and provides content owners with an opportunity to see what is working for them and what is not. You can only improve what you know needs attention.

Security of your site is one of your biggest concerns. Ours too. By partnering with Microsoft and hosting all of our sites on Azure or Azure Gov (US only), OpenCities provides the highest level of security and stability possible for your government website. Rest easy knowing we have you well protected.

Is an image loading slowly? Do you want to change your URL? Or is there a more serious issue? For every situation, OpenCities has support available. Our Service Level Agreement clearly lays out the escalation path for any situation, and provides tiered response and resolution times. 99.9% uptime is our standard. It’s what you deserve.

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