Quickly and easily pay tickets, start water or trash services, find local government jobs, see what happening in your community, all from the device of your choice.

People don’t browse City sites like they do news or entertainment sites. They visit to get things done. OpenCities helps people complete their tasks by putting them front and centre

From desktops to mobiles, OpenCities provides a beautiful experience for users on the device of their choice and dynamically personalises content based on a persons location.

The website doesn’t work unless it works for everyone. OpenCities stays WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, and provides tools to continuously improve your content for all of your users.

OpenCities predictive search suggests relevant information and services to users as they type their queries, helping people find what they need even if they don’t speak government.

Drive greater engagement by providing people with a localised view of events, parks, facilities and activities closest to them. Citizens can also see their bin dates, find their elected member, and stay informed with local public notices.

Make your information and services available in any language, ensuring more people across your community can engage with your City.

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